Mission & Values

WaterWalla’s mission is to improve access to clean water for underserved communities worldwide. We will engage change makers from the academic, nonprofit and business communities to develop leaders who address the global water crisis.


We work to deliver solutions in which people are empowered through entrepreneurship and education to increase the standard of living for themselves and for their communities.  In our actions, we strive to maintain the dignity of those we serve and ensure that they are the beneficiaries of all the value we create.

Our Model

WaterWalla has always championed market-based solutions to the water crisis, with an emphasis on financial and operational sustainability. We work with partners to develop and identify affordable purification technologies and promote them through our resource network. We then introduce these solutions in communities and empower them through entrepreneurship, education and links to our technology partners.


Through our Fellows program for social enterpreneurs, we promote inclusive business models and design thinking for clean water solutions.

WaterWalla Fellows

Through our research, we uphold a data-driven approach to implementation, while generating knowledge and insight into the sector.

Our Research

Clean Water Partners

WaterWalla works together with a strong network of partners and advisors, spanning from non-profit and research organizations to corporate and academic partners across the globe.


We strongly believe that aligning the interests of community organizations, social enterprises, technology manufacturers, academic institutions, corporate philanthropists and government offices is critical to developing robust and inclusive solutions to the water crisis. We actively seek partners who share this vision.

Partner with Us


Started in 2009 by students at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, our team now has a global footprint. We are doctors, industrial designers, consultants and entrepreneurs. But above all, we are 'WaterWallas.'