A Completed Field Study

The WaterWalla Team has returned safely to Brown University for the beginning of our semester, having completed a successful field study in Mumbai over the past two weeks. We met with about 40 families and took as many water samples in conjunction with our testing partner, Equinox Labs. PUKAR (Partners for Urban Knowledge, Action, and Research) helped us tremendously in helping connect us to families on the ground. Having collected a ton of data, we begin the next phase of our project--to analyze our results and work with our academic partners to develop a new solution or find existing water purification technologies to bring back to India over winter break.

Our project is designed to be fundamentally sustainable, but we will be applying for grants to help get the project kickstarted over the coming months. If you have any resources or connections that may be able to help us, we would greatly appreciate your help. We look forward to developing partnerships with companies, NGOs and other organizations on the ground for the common purpose of bringing clean water to urban underdeveloped areas.

PS: See our article in India's DNA (Daily News Analysis) here: http://www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/report_nris-want-clean-water-for-dharavi_1424398