Breaking Ground in Dharavi

WW Training Session 1

Now one month into our pilot operations in Dharavi this summer, WaterWalla has embarked on a few exciting projects which will hopefully serve as the groundwork for our continued presence in Mumbai.  First and foremost, WaterWalla now has a location for its first showroom in Dharavi for the sale and distribution of clean water technologies, supplied by our technology partners.  We are in the midst of construction and the entire team is really excited for the grand opening in the coming weeks!  Second, WaterWalla began its first training program with 36 female entrepreneurs from a major women's health network in Mumbai.  In just a few days of training, these women have already taught our team a great deal and we are just as excited as they are to start work on the ground as our partners in education and sales.

We are also proud to add two new local members to our team--Sanjay and Chetan--who will make WaterWalla's permanent presence in India a reality.

As always, thanks for all of your support.  We look forward to sharing more updates with you soon!