Aamer Shares BD Team Updates!

Hi everyone, It's an exciting time for WaterWalla and refreshing to see the size of our team grow after coming back from India this summer!  As expected, we have a lot of work on our plates making sure that our entrepreneur, Jitendra, is successful in running his very own store.  Especially for Business Development, this is an exciting opportunity for us to apply what we know to help Jitendra.

First of all, I think we owe a huge thank you to our technology parters so far--Bajaj, Eureka Forbes, and Medentech.  Their support has been crucial in getting our operations up and running, and we look forward to their continued commitment to our social mission.  Of course, we would like the residents of Dharavi to have access to an even wider variety of technologies and for Jitendra to increase his sales, so one of our primary objectives is to get our foot in the door with other technology partners.

Beyond this, we're looking at a range of services that we can start offering through our stores.  One of the most exciting is on-site water quality testing which will allow residents to bring in samples of their own water to be tested at our store.  We hope that services like these will keep our customers engaged and lead to positive educational benefits and better health outcomes for those that we serve.

On a much broader scale, we've been working full steam on devising our organization's structure.  With Soaib devoting his time to fully manage operations in India and as our organization continues to grow and mature, we are looking at a reorganization of our efforts so that we can have the biggest impact on the ground.  This means that we can also increase the scope of our operations, so look out for opportunities to join the team as we continue to expand!

That's all for now!  We'll keep you posted on our progress as we move forward.