New members of the Research & Education Team!

The Research & Education team at WaterWalla just completed its Fall 2011 recruiting. Please welcome our new members:

1. Swathi Sampangi, a first-year MPH student at Brown. She is interested in continuing involvement in WaterWalla, and will be working on the literature review for much of this semester.

2. Kathryn Linder, a senior Neuroscience concentrator. Along with Swathi and Austin, she will be working on the literature review. In the future, she also wants to help design the community education campaign in Dharavi.

3. Hannah Rose Schonwald, a junior Environmental Engineering and Geology concentrator. She will be helping with designing the education campaign as well as sales data analysis and technology review and research.

4. Eleanor Batty, a sophomore Neuroscience and Physics concentrator. She will help design the community education campaign, along with Hannah Rose.

The team also has Brijesh Patel, a senior Biology concentrator who has completed preliminary research on community education campaigns designed by other NGOs for use in other parts of the world, and Rayna Chandaria, a sophomore at Brown who will lead all educational activities on the ground in Dharavi.

I am very excited about working with this team, and will keep you updated on all the work we produce in the coming months!