Updates from the Research Team

Hi everyone! Recently, the research team has started compiling a bi-weekly research digest which analyzes an important or pressing issue for any team within WaterWalla. The availability of this resource encourages all team members to think more carefully about WaterWalla's direction and what products, ideas and services will shape the organization's future.

Most recently, the research team completed two digests. The first focused on BOP (bottom of the pyramid) marketing tactics. Researchers found that slum residents are early adopters of innovative technologies as they often benefit low-income individuals the most. Prior projects have found greater uptake of products among the youth because they are the most tech-savvy. However, WaterWalla's market is highly complex with members being from every age, education, and income level. The research team, as a result, is assisting in the development of a multi-level marketing strategy in which campaigns are designed to target groups with different consumption abilities.

The second research digest was an informative review about current healthcare or insurance plans available at the BOP. It was determined that ineffective governmental policies are a cause of peoples' poor health and sanitation habits. This leads to high incidence of water borne disease. Due to a further lack of organization in slums, it is difficult to maintain India's current insurance plan. To counteract the lack of organization, there is an increasing prevalence of clinics available to Dharavi residents. The government aims to bring one urban health centre for every 50,000 people in a given area but it is still unclear how the financials of this plan will form. WaterWalla, with its distribution network, aims to be on the frontlines of this battle against poor health with a specific focus on waterborne disease.

The research team is excited to continue its contribution to alleviate preventable waterborne diseases!  Stay turned as it will soon make its past and future research digests available on the WaterWalla website! Please contact us if you would like to learn more about what we do!