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WaterWalla is constantly looking to improve its knowledge of water challenges and the business models and tools required to address them. If you have an idea or solution, or suggestions for how we can improve our approach, let’s get in touch.

Research and Academic Partners

WaterWalla aims to enhance the sharing of information and best practices by partnering with research and academic institutions engaged in the clean water space. As proposed solutions to the water crisis increasingly demand an accountable and performance-driven approach to service delivery, we look for partners who can offer expertise in need assessment, program evaluation and impact measurement.

Government, Non-Governmental and Community Based Organizations

CBOs and NGOs are critical gateways to underserved communities; and simply put, we couldn’t do what we do without them. If your CBO or NGO is working in a community that could benefit from WaterWalla’s approach, we’d love to swap notes and see how we can work together. If you are in the government sector and think that WaterWalla's operations could help your state, municipality or district—let us know!

In-Kind Support and Funding

We’re always on the look out for in-kind and financial support from individuals and organizations that share in our excitement for clean water and social enterprise. If you are keen to learn more about how you can support our work, or collaborate on various aspects of our model, we’d appreciate the opportunity to share more details about our work.

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Every Dollar, Euro and Rupee goes to our ongoing projects in underserved communities; we do not use donations to cover our operational expenses. Give a little, give a lot but every little bit goes a longer way than you can possibly imagine. If you're interested in contributing to one of our projects in particular, send us a note using the form above and we'll ensure that your contribution is used to support the work you care about.

WaterWalla is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization registered in the United States. For more tax-related information, please write to us at