Our Research

WaterWalla's research aims to promote a better understanding of the water needs of local communities. Our insights enable leaders in academic, nonprofit and business circles to develop innovative and sustainable solutions, based on user empathy and hard data. We look forward to engaging others in our research and working with you to create lasting impact through our clean water projects.

Need Assessment in Dharavi, Mumbai

WaterWalla and Centre for Social Consulting India conducted a need assessment in the slum of Dharavi, Mumbai in order to investigate the water-related issues facing the community and to identify potential market based solutions. We also developed a market analysis, technical recommendations for an adapted water filtration device and an implementation strategy for improving access to clean water.

Future Research

Get in touch with us if research like this could help you in your field or if you're just curious to know more! We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Workshops & Meet-ups


We'll post here about upcoming events. Check back for more information, or write to us if you'd like to receive emails and updates.

Past Events

Our inaugural workshop focused on launching entrepreneurial ventures in clean water. In the morning session, Deepak Saksena, Head of Partnerships at Hindustan Unilever's Water Business, opened up a lively discussion about the challenges of social marketing in the water sector. Following up, Dhruv Lakra, Founder of Mirakle Couriers, invigorated us with hard talk about the realities of successfully scaling a for-profit social venture.

After lunch, Nishita Murarka and Tushar Gogia, mentors from Dasra, led an interactive session on applying the Business Model Canvas to social enterprise, and teams each shared their venture plans with the room to conclude the day. And now, the journeys begin.